September 05, 2023

Bryce Salvador

It is an understatement to say that this game vs. the Rangers has A LOT riding on it, as I see it being a foregone conclusion that we will have an NYR vs. NJD epic first-round playoff series. For this to change, while not impossible, the Devils would have to go something like 8-0-0 or 7-1-0 in their last 8 games to put any real pressure on Carolina, who has a three-point lead and one game in hand on the Devils. Furthermore, the Devils would need the Hurricane to play around 500 hockey to finish their season, 4-4-1, for example. 

Yes, finishing 500 hockey could happen for the Hurricanes to end their season as they play a lot of desperate teams on the outside looking in, some thinking they can still sneak in. (Carolina's remaining schedule)

Carolina will be facing some of the toughest teams right now, as most of them are literally playing for their playoff lives. So, while there is a chance the Hurricanes could falter down the stretch, it is highly optimistic for us to rely on all the stars aligning for the Devils to pass Carolina. 

Now, getting back to the Rangers vs. Devils storyline, the PRU will be absolutely rocking tonight. Both teams are looking at this being a statement game that will set the tone for game one of the playoffs a little over two weeks away. Each team will play for keeps in this game and sincerely use it as a precursor for what playoff hockey will be all about. From the Devils' perspective, they should want nothing more than to put a beating on the Rangers at home to cast doubt instantly inside the Rangers' locker room, showing them that the Devils will be ready for this possible matchup come mid-April. The last thing the Devils want is for the Rangers to come into the PRU, beat them in their own building, going back across the Hudson River tied with the Devils for 2nd in the Metro. 

In today's video breakdown, I go over all 12 goals that the Devils scored against the Rangers this season! Hopefully, they will add another 4-5 more to this playlist tonight! Let's go, Devils!



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